Welcome to Mom's Sippy Cup!  If you are here, you are probably a bit like me.  I'll paint you a picture: busy mom, young kids, laundry piled up, crumbs on the floor.  We've heard it all before right?  At Target, we all blend in.  We look different but are seemingly the same.  Probably a little frazzled, sometimes stressed, but we do it with dignity and style.  Well, not always style, but dignity for sure!

I love my life, I love my children, I love my husband (provider of fine things).  This blog is devoted to said fine things.  The big and and little things that make me happy, that bring a little peace to my otherwise nutty days.

My name is Michelle, I live in Suburbia USA, I have 3 very young children, a fabulous husband, chipped nailpolish, I take pictures and own a successful photography business.  My life revolves around family, friends, cameras and shopping.  I love traveling, drinking wine, cooking, running and reading the occasional book.  I'm very ordinary looking for extraordinary things in life.  Welcome and enjoy!