Monday, August 30, 2010

Afternoon Entertaining

Last week my grandma came over for a visit, she mostly wanted to see the kids but I thought I would fix us a nice lunch to enjoy as well.  This was all incredibly last minute but it pulled together lovely.

On the menu:

Deli Sandwiches
D'Amico's Chicken Gorgonzola Salad
Fresh Fruit
Kettle Chips
Italian Soda

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For the most part, I had most of the items for our lunch, but made a quick trip to Super Target to pick up a few of the things I was missing.  

I served up a variety of deli meats (ham, smoked turkey and salami), lettuce and tomatoes from the garden, both cheddar and provolone cheese, some mustard and mayo and some fresh italian bread and an asiago loaf from the bakery at Target.  The asiago loaf is one the best breads for sandwiches and it is freshly baked each day and the best part is that you can get a whole loaf for $.99!  It's a steal and tastes oh so gourmet!

I threw together a fruit plate with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and grapes.  The kids loved it and it was a nice compliment to the sandwiches.  

I picked up some Chicken Gorgonzola pasta salad from Target as well.  It is made by D'Amico's and delivered daily to the store.  It is one of the best pasta salads I've ever had.  It has sundried tomatoes, bacon, spinach, chicken and is tossed with some pasta and a gorgonzola dressing.  It is really worth the $$$ you pay for it.

For our beverage I picked up some Wildberry Italian Soda from Archer Farms.  It was nice and fizzy, pretty sweet but really good adorned with a fresh raspberry. 

I adorned each plate with fresh flowers from my garden to add a little prettiness to each plate, the kids loved this and it was a really simple touch to our nice lunch.

This lunch was very simple, it didn't take long to put it together yet the way it was put together was much more beautiful than just pulling it out of the fridge and throwing it together.  My grandma wasn't expecting it and I think it made her feel a little special that I went to the effort to put it all together.  We chatted, the kids played and it was a nice afternoon spent with a special lady.  

So tell me, have you hosted a nice get together with someone special lately?  If so, what little touches did you use to pull it all together?  Email your pictures and ideas to and maybe your small gathering will be featured here!

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  1. What a fun spread and I'm sure your grandma loved it. The only tip I can share is one I haven't tried but have seen it all summer in magazines. Fill an ice cube tray half full and put a rasberry or blueberry into it and freeze. After frozen pour water into it again to fill the tray and freeze. The fruit is now suspended in the ice cube and once it melts in your glass, it creates a fruity taste.


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