Saturday, August 21, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

I find joy in simple things on a daily basis.  I love playing around with the photobooth on my Mac.  I love how my 3 year old gives me random hugs that are so tight she shakes.  I can't get enough of the evening sun.  

I love, love, LOVE the Japanese Cherry Blossom line from Bath and Body Works.  You will find this stuff all over my house.  I have the handsoap, the bodycreme, the bodywash in my shower and I have this fabulous jar candle.  It is always lit when we have guests and it fills the house with a nice warm aroma.

I am also a sucker for the anti-bacterial foaming handsoaps they frequently feature for 5 for $15 or 7 for $20 (can't beat that deal).  I snatch up a bunch when they carry that deal and Kitchen Lemon is a favorite that I keep in my, you guessed it, my kitchen!

This is next item is a beautiful stainless steel wine topper.  It was lovingly monogrammed with my last initial and is super simple, chic and understated.  Just my style, that's for sure.  This was a lovely gift from some friends who know me well!

Wine.  Wine is a favorite thing of mine.  I especially love when my little wine cabinet is nice and full with a good variety of wines.  

I also have a strange affinity for figurines.  I love having odd things scattered around my house.  I find they make great conversation pieces.  This little gem was a gift from my mom for Christmas.  I just love this little chicken, it's quite small but I usually pair it on my island with a nice fresh flower arrangement in a simple mason jar.  Perfect for my kitchen!

And my little piggy.  Love this little guy.  He's bright and pink and makes me smile.  My kids love it too.  Sometimes I'll catch them with him, a big no no for the monkeys, he's heavy and made of glass.  Not kid friendly!

Just wait until I feature my little owl, he's the best!

What are some of your favorite things that make your day a little brighter?  Do you know of a product I need to try?  Submit all your favorite things to and you just might get featured here!


  1. You are just adorable. Love the post. My favorite things often times include makeup. My newest favorite find is Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. I don't wear much makeup on my face so this tinted moisturizer takes the place of foundation and it truly gives you a dewy glow. It's expensive though...$42 for a 1.5 oz tube, but you don't need much product. Plus it's SPF 20. Good for a mama who doesn't have much time!

  2. Didn't know you loved the Japanese Cherry Blossom stuff so much. I will give you some next time I see you b/c I have some that I have never used.


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