Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the 4th day of Christmas...

Gift giving the Etsy edition!  If you remember from this post, you already know that I love trying to find unique and original gifts that the receiver will cherish and love and what better place to find unique AND handmade gifts for your loved ones than Etsy (holy run on sentence!)!.  If you've never been to Etsy, then you must head over there right now.  No joke, NOW!  Etsy is THE place to find amazing handmade and vintage goods to cater to just about any of the wonderful people in your life.  In fact, I've already purchased some amazing gifts for the ladies in my life (I'd share but I don't want to spoil it!).  The shop owners are kind and quick and always willing to please and that's what I love about this group of craftspeople.  So here you go, great ideas for all the people in your life.

For the mama's in your life.  This could be your mom, or could be a great girlfriend who just had a baby, or your amazing wife, hint... hint...

So this first gift is best given to a young mom and while it's a bit pricey, it is amazingly beautiful and will carry a tremendous amount of meaning to a mama with little kiddos.  Be prepared, she will probably weep like a child when she opens this.

And any grandma would truly enjoy these with your kiddos faces on them!  What a unique way to display your photos.
For the papa's in your life.

Ok, so when I found this one I just about fell off the couch as I absolutely fell in love.  Seriously, could this gift get anymore perfect for your babies daddy?

A keychain with your child's artwork on it?!?!  I love it.  I would take this gift in a heartbeat too! 

For the reader in your life!  
This gift would go over well with a father in law who loves to read, or a friend that has a great sense of humor, or just anyone who loves bacon! 

For the photographer in your life.

My favorites are these:

And I totally would love one of these:

And we can't forget those special little kiddos in your life.  They are the reason Christmas is fun, right?

What little girl wouldn't love this gift?  They can be just like mommy!  I know my girls would adore it!

And I just know that my son would love this gift.

And lastly, but certainly not least, for the amazing Teachers in your life.  We all know how much work and effort it takes to teach the young ones in the world.  They have a great responsibility on their hands and they certainly deal with a lot on a day to day basis, so please don't leave this group of amazing people out on your gift giving this year.  They deserve something special, even if it's small.  

This gift is so unique and interesting and you better believe that the teacher you hand this over to will be thinking about your child every day she/he opens one of the wonderful stars.

And these adorable notepads could accompany a gift certificate to Target or to Starbucks.
There are some manly ones too that would work great for that male teacher!
And these candles would make an awesome gift for that special teacher too!

And that concludes today's edition of the 12 Days of Christmas!  I hope that you enjoyed reading and it got your gears a-turnin'.  Now go shopping!

P.S. All the vendors featured here today have no idea who we are here at Mom's Sippy Cup.  I selected these items because I loved them and thought they would truly make great gifts.  In no way has anyone sponsored this post :)


  1. Chick, can you link us to the Etsy shops? I'd like to check them out.

  2. Great choices! I love seeing things featured that are not-so-everyday-gifts. I need to get that bacon bookmark for my boyfriend!

  3. Ok, I totally just bought that bacon bookmark. :) Sorry peeps, it's no longer available. Thanks for the idea, Michelle.

  4. I don't do nearly enough shopping on Etsy! Thank you so much for including all the links - I have been over to browse a bunch, but can never seem to settle on things and then get overwhelmed! I love the stars for the teachers - I always have a hard time coming up with things for them and always seem to wind-up with the traditional giftcard (which is good, but generic.)


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