Saturday, November 6, 2010

Unique Gifts

I've always believed that gift giving was an art and took a certain talent that a lot of people don't have.  I for one don't consider myself to be the best gift giver.  I actually get stressed out because I want so badly to give a unique gift that the receiver will cherish.  It's very difficult to know a person well enough to find a gift that only they can truly appreciate. 

My dear friend Kristin is an amazing gift giver.  She loves giving gifts and always seems to find things that the receiver knows was meant just for them. 

For her wedding, she gave each of her bridesmaid a unique piece of jewelry as a gift.  I know what you are thinking, doesn't every bride do that?  Well, sort of.  Except this item was not meant to be worn with our dresses on her wedding day.  It was meant to be something that reflected our personal styles, something that we would cherish and wear often.  I can honestly say that Kristin hit the nail on the head with each and every girl.  We were all floored that she could gauge our personalities so well and put that into a piece of jewelry.  At the same time, none of us were all that surprised that she pulled it off.  She's always been a thoughtful gift giver. 

Throughout each of my pregnancies, Kristin would surprise me with clothes she had stockpiled from Kohl's or wherever she had been shopping.  See, she would be in a store, see something and know I would love it.  She's done that for birthdays and Christmas and sometimes for no apparent reason.  One year for my birthday she gave me a luggage tag that read something along the lines of "I don't camp" and several tubes of Natural Ice chapstick.  She knows I hate camping, she saw that and knew I should have it.  As for the chapstick, well I love that particular brand and I can't find it anywhere, so she stockpiled it for me!  It may see random to most, but it meant something to me! 

So anyway, this is the bracelet she picked for me.

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Bracelets are my favorite jewelry to wear and I just love this one.  I literally wear it everyday.  I have earrings that just happened to match perfectly.  You can see that this bracelet was crafted with love and is one of a kind.  It reflects my personal style and that is why I love it.  

So thank you Kristin, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and of course, you were an amazingly beautiful bride.  I am lucky to have a friend like you.  

You can see all of Kristin's beautiful wedding photos over here at the wonderfully talented Sally Gruman Photography Blog.


  1. Thanks for this post:) You are a great friend and I am lucky to have you in my life.

  2. I also love that bracelet. I noticed it immediately in your picture in the post about your hair.


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