Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CSN Stores

A while back I gave away a gift certificate to CSN Stores, well I was asked to do a review of one of their products now!  I am super excited about it!  CSN Stores carries so many things from tv tables to luggage.  You can get virtually anything through the stores over at CSN.

When I was browsing the stores, I was feeling overwhelmed about what I should review.  At first I thought some fun wine paraphernalia would be great but then I got practical.  We are in desperate need of a new omelet pan, so I'm going to snag myself a new Calphalon 10in Omelet pan!  When I get it and get a chance to use it I will do my full review, but who doesn't love a good Calphalon pan?

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  1. I totally need to check out CSN - and I always forget because every time I see the name, I think of CVS (the drugstore) and get them confused! I totally need a new non-stick pan - looking forward to reading your review!


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