Monday, February 21, 2011

Norwex-Improving the Quality of Life

You can talk to anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am no clean freak, I am far from it and nowhere near the status of "germophobe".  So when I was invited to a Norwex party I kind of laughed at the thought of going to a "cleaning party".  I decided I'd go because I really needed some adult conversation, I had no intention of buying anything, my intentions were to have a glass or 3 of wine and relax without kids screaming at me. 

The consultant basically had me at hello.  The products are amazing.  I will list just a few of the reasons why I feel these products are revolutionary to me:

1. While I've never had any real ambition to "go green" in my life, these products make the process so easy.  Since you only clean with water (there are some cleaning products, chemical free of course) and the cloths capture and kill bacteria, it completely eliminates the need of harsh chemicals.

2. No more harsh chemicals in my house that are known carcinogens and allergens.

3. Most of the products, including the Envirocloth, kitchen cloth, dusting mit and wet mop are all antibac, meaning they collect bacteria, yeasts and viruses (including e-coli, salmonella and MRSA!)  from your surfaces and kills it right in the cloth.  The best part is it doesn't cross contaminate surfaces so you aren't spreading these nasty things from one place to the next in your home.

4.  I am saving money by not buying cleaning supplies and I am saving time by using basically a couple of cloths to clean everything.  Time is money people, it's golden for me!

5. Lastly, I have the peace of mind that my house not only looks clean, but it's actually really clean.  For real!  That means a lot to me.

So what did I do the next day?  I called up the consultant and said "sign me up, I want to be a part of this".  Yep, I signed onto the company and am going to be an Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex.  I am so pumped about this and even more amped to be able to spread this awesome information and share this product with others who are looking for a time saving and environmentally friendly way of cleaning. 

If you are interested in learning more and purchasing this product, feel free to email at  I am more than happy to share any and all information.  If you are local and want to come to my kick off party this Friday, I would love to have you!  There are some awesome hostess benefits too for March if you want to have a party of your own. 

And lastly, check out my new FB page for Norwex and please become a fan!  There you will find out about product specials and all the news about Norwex.  I need some fans to get me going.  I don't want to beg, but I might do it if you make me!

Thanks for taking a chance on this new and amazing product!

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  1. Very interested to learn more, but not sure if I can make it tonight


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