Thursday, March 31, 2011


Good evening folks, my name is Michelle and I'm hopeless in the decorating department.  I have so many "wants" for my home and everywhere I look nothing fits the bill around here.  Of course I don't hate every aspect of the design and decorating here, but for the most part, it's pretty sad.  I am asking you my dear, dear readers for some help.  I am scouring the web for ideas and inspiration but I thought of asking you, my wonderful readers for some ideas as well! 

I'm starting with my living room.  Right now it consists of a wall of windows with some pretty drab Ikea drapes, a leather reclining chair that is on its last leg, a large couch I'm not willing to give up (so comfy and fairly new, plus I like it), a flat screen t.v. above the mantel and 2 ugly ass bookshelves that were cheap and a quick fill in for now type of thing.   

Here are some pictures (quality sucks, oh well): 

This is the view from my kitchen.  We used to have a nice chocolate color in there but repainted to sell.  Boo.  As you can see, on the left is a full wall (with a door in the corner to our laundry/mudroom).  On the left is a full wall of windows. 

 Couch area, the wall is gigantic and so is the couch.  I don't care for the couch there, but I don't know where else to put it!  The frame will be staying.

 One corner, ugh.
 Other corner.  Ideally I want built-ins, and someday we will get them, just not sure when.  In my mind I want a nice little bench with some storage underneath it then some shelves up top for pictures/books/etc.  Now it just houses some ugly ass black shelves. 
 Fireplace.  The cords need to be hidden, hate them!  I kind of want to paint the mantel white, or ditch it altogether.  Then put up some fun stone or tile on that wall.  We'll see what the hubs agrees to!
 Wall of windows.  I am soooo not attached to those curtains.  Ewww.  It's just really hard to find curtains to fit that window.  I would really like some plantation shutters to keep the super duper hot sun out in the afternoon!
 And the chair.  The chair I rocked the babies in, the chair that the said babies have busted.  It isn't the prettiest chair, but it's super comfy and holds some good memories.

So, ideas?  I'll share mine once you do!  I'm completely open to color, furniture and placement, etc.  I have ideas in my head and I hope to bring them to reality very soon!  YAY!


  1. I think some bench boxes and shelving would look great on the sides. Maybe some floating type shelving that ran the length of the opening. You could do that the color of your mantle to tie it together. I'm not so good a decorating myself so, that is all I've got.

  2. I think you should look on Knock Off Wood and find plans for built ins and build them yourself! It can't be that hard or expensive to do!

    Paint the mantle!

  3. Paint! I am loving really rich browns with blue accents lately, though I am itching to but some really bright oranges and lime green in my kitchen. I second Knock Off Wood for built-ins - those spaces would be so much better utlitized and tie into the rest of the room if they were full. I love the look of plantation shutters - my parents just put them in their new house . . . it's too bad they are so darn expensive!

    Are you guys still actively trying to sell?

    I can't wait to hear what you have in mind and to see what you do with the space!


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