Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wine in a box, that's how I roll!

2 weeks ago I was forced to drink wine out of a box.  Sacrilege I know!  What would have been worse would have been to drink this out of a keg glass too!  No such offense was made, thank goodness but I have to say, I didn't hate the boxed wine.  I'm not sure what brand it was, nor what type but it wasn't bad.  So when I was hosting a rather large party last weekend I ran to the liquor store and not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on wine I asked the wine guy at our local store what his best boxed wine was and he pointed me in the direction of Big House Red.   At only $16.99 for the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine, I was hesitantly sold.  

I really wasn't expecting much more than alcoholic grape juice, but after the day I had I was ready and willing to drink whatever you were going to pour for me.  So, I gave it a go.  I was pleasantly surprised!  And by pleasantly surprised, I mean really, really surprised.  It wasn't bad, in fact dare I say it was pretty good?  It is very fruity and light so I think most people could drink it and appreciate wine.  No wine snobbiness here, so if that's your thing, back away from the box, NOW!  

I wouldn't pair this wine with your fabulous filet mignon but this would definitely be right for a nice burger on a warm evening, or a hearty spaghetti or even your darn Hamburger Helper.  Doesn't matter to me.  I actually think it's a great wine to just enjoy for a light happy hour in the evening.  And the best part?  This box of wine can last up to 6 weeks!  Amazing.  Especially at the rate SOME people enjoy their wine :)  

Needless to say, I broke out of my snobbiness for a moment and tasted something different and I actually didn't mind it :)  I dare ya, go buy a box of wine tonight!


  1. Fish eye is also a one of the best brands to turn to when in need of some boxed wine. (Only can speak for the pinot grigio)

  2. I love the Bota Box too. That's what we always bring to the cabin in the summer...easier to pack, and less recycling to carry back!


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