Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My word(s) of the year

If you haven't read Nicole's post about her word of the year, go check it out.  It's totally worth reading.  And if you haven't coined your word for the year, what are you waiting for? 

This task really takes some deep thought and I have a lot on my mind about what I would like to accomplish this year, so it was close to impossible for me to narrow it down to just one word, and I think I'm ok with that.  I have 5 specific words I want to focus on this year:

1. Sanity
2. Connections
3. Patience
4. Creativity
5. Health

I know, that's a lot to take on but I've taken stock of my life and while I am pretty blessed and a very lucky lady with all that I have, I know that I have a lot I need to work on.

Number one being my sanity.  By nature, I carry a high amount of anxiety in my life.  I worry about everything despite how irrational it may be. I am in a constant state of worry and almost always have that knot in the pit of my stomach.  As of late, I've been working hard on de-stressing through natural means, however after a recent and extremely random panic attack, I will be seeking professional help.  I know when it's time to ask for help and now is the time.

Number 2 is connections.  Connections meaning the people in my life.  I want to make it a point to see the people I care about more often, rather than just through electronic means.  I also want to make it a point to go out with Brian more.  We have a wonderful relationship and enjoy each other, it's just that we don't really make enough time for just the 2 of us.  Not anymore, this changes this month.

Number 3 is patience.  I'm hoping that by working on number 1, this will come a little easier for me.  Besides being anxious and a worry wart, I am also very impatient.  I have to try very hard to remain patient with my kids and I really need to make patience a priority in my life.

Number 4 is creativity.  This is simple, I want to take some time this year to expand my photography vision.  I want to dig deeper, challenge myself and take my photos to a whole new level.  I would like to take some workshops or find a mentor that can help me achieve this.  I am also attempting a 365 on a separate blog.  I want to try and document our lives, the little things and not just the pretty pictures I am known for.  While I cherish those portraits, I think I love even more the shots of our everyday lives. 

Number 5 is health.  I want to get back on the workout train and eat healthier.  I want to learn to relax and de-stress.  I want to start taking pilates classes again and start yoga to regain some flexibilty.  I would love to remember to take my vitamins daily.  Lastly, I would really love to train for another race. 

I have lofty goals for the year and I think I can really make these happen with just a little determination.  I know I can accomplish a lot with a positive attitude and a supportive community.  What are your goals?  What is your word or words of the year?  


  1. Regarding health, we should do a race together! I like your number 2. I would like to connect more often with you too.

  2. Great words, Momma! I will be cheering you on as you work on your goals in the coming year and look forward to seeing you succeed in all of the areas you have listed! I know you mentioned taking up yoga, and I have to say I highly recommend it! It has helped a bunch with my anxiety and with my level of patience for things that really get to me.

  3. I am stealing your 5 words and the reasons behind them. Ok, not really, but they do fit here too. I'm still working on my word, maybe I'll do a couple like you.


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