Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I've been MIA for the last few weeks.  I have so much planned for this blog, but again life has gotten away from me.  With all 3 kids starting school and my business booming, it leaves little time for blogging!  I am also have a case of the missing identity on this blog.  I'm still struggling a bit with the way I want this to go so please leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to see from me.  I have 2 wine reviews I need to do.  I have a party to share with you all.  A book review is on the docket as well.  Plus, I got an awesome gift for a wedding I was in that I just have to show the world.  But what else?  Do you want to hear about makeup?  Food?  Clothing?  Lotions and toiletries?  Is there something I have to try and review?  I'd love to hear from you! 

Up first later today will be a review on some new wine I tried!  It was YUMMY.  And, I'll share a recipe on this post too :)  Stay tuned!


  1. I'd love to hear about all of the above. This should be your outlet to write about whatever strikes you. I find it all interesting! :)

  2. Love the new blog!! I think ALL the topics you mentioned would be great! :)


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