Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me Likey

For as long as I can remember, I've been wearing pink on my toes.  For some reason, I always gravitate toward the color for nail polish.  Of course I've strayed here and there getting the occasional teal, green or orange.  But if you look in my nail polish stash you will find a varieties of pinks.  Most recently I have found a Sally Hansen product that I love, it's called Quick Color and it's a fast dry nail color pen.  Yes, I said pen.  It goes on quickly, super easily and dries really, really fast.  If a nail polish dries fast then it gets an A+ in my book.  I have no time in my life to watch paint dry.  The flaw with this stuff though is it doesn't last long.  If you paint your nails, it literally lasts up to 2 days in my world.  It probably goes about 2 weeks on the toes.  I don't know about you, but I can't manage a home pedi every 2 weeks.  It's just not in the cards.  But, considering how quickly it goes on and how quickly it dries, it's definitely worth the $7 it costs to pick up a pen.  

A couple weeks ago I was pampered with a pedi at a salon with my girlies.  Now, I strayed from pink because I was in a wedding that had reds, so I decided to go with a rich red.  I was a bit nervous, but I loved it.  I did both my toes and my fingers and it looked fab!  I just loved it.  The polish they used was OPI which generally goes for about $7 a bottle as well.  The only difference is, it lasts sooooo much longer.  But, you definitely have to make time to paint your nails and toes because this stuff takes FOREVER to dry.  But, it's worth it if it doesn't chip after 2 days!  

This particular color is Keys to my Karma.  I love it.  Go out and try something new today.  You just might be surprised!

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  1. If you clean the bottle with polish remover everytime you use it,it will last FOREVER(years).I use these on my clients and they are amazing.If you use the OPI quick dry drops it dries real quick.

  2. That is a really beautiful color. I just picked up a new OPI from their fall Swiss collection. lt is called Lucerne-Tanly Look Marvelous. It is a kind of charcoal color with micro sparkles. Way different than what I normally go for, I tend to buy the pinks/reds, but I really like it.

  3. I LURVE OPI and it is about the only brand I use anymore! They have the best color selection by far, and I find that it seems to last a lot longer than other brands.

  4. I am all about the quick dry poslith myself! I forget the brand I've been using lately but I get it at Target and it dries FAST! But like you said, does't last long! Tomorrow I am going for a mani and pedi because I'm in a wedding on Saturday and I'm having a bird thinking about how long it's going to take for my OPI to dry! ha ha ha

  5. I love OPI and realized it is the best nail polish out there. If you use a top coat (I know, another layer to dry) and paint the top of the tip and just underneath the tips of your nails, I find that doesn't chip as much. My last home mani lasted a week...and I'm a typer!

  6. I mostly use OPI or it's off shoot nicole. It does have lasting power.


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