Friday, November 5, 2010

Product Review {Keratin Complex Treatment}

I'm sure many of you have heard of the Brazilian Blowout.  Well when I first heard of it, I knew I had to have it.  You see, my hair is dry, frizzy, dull, curly and overall just a pain in the you know what.  I have never LOVED my hair and most of the time I just downright hate it.  So when my stylist, Ashley, decided to start offering the service I jumped right on board.  After a while, Ashley was doing some reading on the treatment and found out that it was being recalled due to containing formaldehyde so she opted against this particular treatment.  She stumbled upon the Keratin Complex treatment, it is basically the same procedure but without the harsh chemicals that the blowout had.  The only difference is that I couldn't wash my hair for 72 hours but it was worth it. 

When I got to Ashley's, she washed my hair with a special Keratin Shampoo, it basically stripped my hair of all the bad things that were in it.  Then she blow dried it.  She then applied the Keratin Complex painstakingly, little by little to each strand of hair, brushing it through with a comb.  We let it set for 20 minutes then she blow dried it again.  Once it was dry, she once again took tiny bits of hair and straightened it using a special straightener.  The results were unbelievable. 

Before.  As you can see, my hair is frizzy with horrible curl.  Sadly, this is how I wore it that morning :(

After the treatment.  Amazing, right?

After 72 hours, I could finally wash it!  YES!  First of all, I was just excited to wash my hair.  Second of all, I could not wait to see how my hair would really react to it.  I wasn't sure if I would have some curl left or not. 

So, I washed my hair with the special shampoo Ashley gave me.  It's important to use the proper shampoo and conditioner to maintain the treatment (supposed to last up to 5 months).  I brushed my hair and began to blow dry it.  Blow drying my hair usually takes10  minutes at a minimum.  I have thick and coarse hair and it dries out really frizzy and crazy!  I had my Chi all warmed up to straighten it out afterward too.  After just 4 minutes, yes 4 minutes my hair was dry and it looked like this!

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You better believe I turned my straightener off!  I actually pulled out my curling iron to flip my ends up for a little something.  Never in my life has my hair even straightened this straight.  It's literally life changing to be able to wash and dry and go.  My life has never been that simple.  At least my hair can be simple now.  

I am a walking billboard for this and while it may seem vain to call this life changing, it really is true.  If you've ever experienced hair like me, then go ahead and do something for yourself.  While this treatment can spendy, in my opinion, it was worth every penny.  

If you are in MN and want this done, call Ashley at Dahlia Street Salon, she is by far the cheapest around and will do a fabulous job!

Ashley at Dahlia Street Salon

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  1. Love it. We need to talk about it when I see you next. I also love your bracelet:)

  2. Wow! Your hair looks great! I'm curious to see what your hair is like after 5 months. I love your bracelet too!

  3. Wow! That is amazing! I am getting a Brazilian blowout in January but I think I'll talk to my stylist about this product if it works just as good. Thanks for the review!

  4. OMG, wow!!! Amazing results. Sexy photos!


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