Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recipe Review

Last night I got a bug up my butt and wanted to make something new.  I am so sick of the same ole for dinner so I began to peruse The Pioneer Woman's site looking for a new dinner recipe.  I decided to search chicken because we have a lot of it.  I don't particularly like chicken, but my family does so I ever so lovingly cook it for them. 

I came upon the Cajun Chicken Pasta recipe and passed it right by.  Then went "hold on there lady".  I remember having a Cajun chicken pasta at a restaurant at one point and really enjoyed it, so I backed that arse up and read the recipe over.  Fortunately for me, I had all but one ingredient (red bell peppers) so I went for it. 

The recipe said it should take 10 minutes of prep and 15 minutes to cook, it took more like 15 minutes prep and 30 minutes to cook.  But, I'm also tending to the needs of 3 little ones whilst cooking, so it may be more accurate for those of you who don't have 3 hungry kids hanging on your legs! 

Overall, the recipe was pretty easy.  It was involved though, it's not something you can start and just walk away, you have to tend to it the whole time. 

I decided to halve the recipe since I don't need to serve 6, it worked out just fine to do that and we had *just* enough for the 5 of us.  I probably could have used the whole amount of chicken though. 

I was sort of hesitant to let the kids have it because I thought it would be spicier than it was.  I think for Brian and myself, we would have liked it a bit spicier, but this was just right for the kids.  This pasta was a huge hit, it was different and the kids (not the picky one though) scarfed it down and asked for 2nd's and 3rd's!  I served it with a nice toasted and buttered Parmesan garlic french loaf and a glass of Cabernet (for myself).  Brian described it as a fajita pasta and that seems pretty accurate.  Very tasty, pretty easy and a huge hit with the crowd! 

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I didn't take pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face! 

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  1. Sounds like something I would love... too bad E doesn't enjoy pasta. I might force it on him! lol


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