Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pleated Messenger Bag

Exactly one week ago I contacted LeeAnn over at Froggylegs to inquire about making a pleated messenger bag for my upcoming trip to Hawaii.  I knew it was a long shot since I leave on the 5th and that would give her approximately 1 week to make the bag and ship it to me and get it here on time but I had to ask anyway.  I could have bought one on Etsy and had it in time, but I support the creative ladies I know and knew that LeeAnn would do a fabulous job.

Later that day I got an email back from LeeAnn telling me should could do it!  I was beyond excited so we started collaborating.  I told her I wasn't picky, but it turns out I was!  I had very specific needs as I need to fit my laptop, my 7D body and 2 lenses in this bag.  Plus whatever else I want to bring on the plane with me.  She rolled with the punches though and created the most amazing pleated messenger bag.  I love the functionality of messenger bags but they are pretty boring and dull, but this bag brings a whole new dimension to the world of messenger bags!  Check it out!

The bag arrived on Friday (5 days from when I contacted LeeAnn!) and came all wrapped up so nicely.

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Isn't the fabric amazing?  We had issues finding something I liked on such short notice.  But, LeeAnn was armed with what I wanted in mind and found this fabulous print.  It is so stunning.

The pleat just might be my favorite part!

The inner lining.  LeeAnn made this bag durable and strong, I will be carrying precious commodities in there afterall!

She added a divider to separate the camera and the laptop (brilliant) and 2 large pockets on either side for my chapstick, wallet and other small items.  It closes nicely with magnetic snaps so it stays closed.

I used this bag yesterday on my shoot with a nine month old and it worked awesomely.  It was comfortable, didn't get in my way and my stuff was easily accessible.  I got my very first compliment too within minutes of arriving on site.  This bag is clearly an awesome piece and LeeAnn did a great job.  If you are in the need for a custom bag, or baby bedding go check LeeAnn out.  She's quick and does a quality job.  I would recommend her to everyone!



  1. Oh that bag looks soooo cool!! I love it!!

  2. I WANT ONE!!!!!! Super cute but the functionality is the best part. I've been talking about a new bag for awhile, I better contact Leeann!

  3. oh la la, that is pretty dang nice!


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