Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slow down!

I'll be the first to admit that my life goes at a superfast pace.  I feel like I'm always rushing, pushing the kids out the door to head every which way.  I'm always plugged into email, FB, Photoshop, my camera, my Blackberry, the tv.  In fact, I hate being bored.  I always have something on my list of things to do, there is always something weighing on my mind and there is always a task that needs to be accomplished.  I know I'm not alone in this either.  We live in a face paced world nowadays.

On my recent visit to Hawaii, I unplugged.  I relaxed.  I was lazy.  And you know what?  I wasn't bored, not for one millisecond.  I enjoyed the quiet, I read a book, I slept by the pool, I enjoyed a mai tai at noon.  I caught up with good friends and spent quality time with my husband without once being distracted by a nagging email or a screaming child.  It was a special trip in which I have come to realize some important life lessons.

It all began with these picture texts I received from home:

First this one:
 Then this one:
 Then this one:
Can you tell who decided to do the coloring?

In real life, this would have really made me mad.  But I was separated from it and was able to step back and realize that it was really quite funny.  It made me realize that I should shrug more things off instead of letting it upset me and boil my blood.  Kids will be kids and they will do things like color on each other.  

I've decided to extend this into other areas of my life.  I want to slow down, unplug more often and appreciate the small things in life.  Cleaning my house, or getting my work down isn't nearly as important as listening to my kids sing me songs with their ukelele's, or reading a story with my family.  I want to take the time to chat with my sister, or call a friend.  I want home made dinners rather than fast food and I want to take an hour walk with my pup Sarge and take a detour to the park so he and Bennett can play together.  
It's the little things like this that make life memorable.  Not how much money you made, or how many hours you put in at the computer.  

So tell me, what have you done lately to slow down?  Do you take the time to make good memories?  You know, the ones that define you?  It's amazing how life changing a little vacation can be, but I already feel more calm and appreciative of what I have and you can bet that I will be revisiting this post when I feel the stress creep up again!


  1. My daughter used a black Sharpie marker to draw eyelashes, and a moustache on herself when she was about 3. My mom had a fit and didn't want to go out with her, I said "Whatever! She's a kid." It was quite funny really and after about 3 days it was gone.

  2. I was just telling myself the same thing..."slow down". I told Kevin we need a movie night or game night...a night just to do nothing but kid stuff. I want to enjoy these things before I turn around and they are 15. So lately we've been going for more walks around he block (Owen rides his big wheel with his adult size snowmobile's hilarious) and Friday night dinners on the bonfire with the kiddos running the yard. Those are the times to remember.

    Thanks for the post, it's nice to hear I'm not the only crazy lady with a million things on my to do list. Which actually today I was just telling my mom, "I wonder what it would feel like to have nothing to do!?!" Ahhhh.

  3. I've notice I've gotten more relaxed since I started putting actual miles in running. I don't know if that 45 min of me time does it, or what. I mean my girl had given herself a full sleeve sharpie tattoo and all I could do is laugh at the way she tried to cover it up. Then wondered wtf would get it off.

  4. I have to admit I never slow down until I get sick. And I have been sick a lot in the past few weeks so now I am ready to be back full-swing!!


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